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We here at Pixel Perfect Visuals are after one thing, being able to capture all the moments you wish to cherish for years to come. We do it to the best of our ability. Our team has years of experience in the wedding industry, as well as our design team has over 15+ years in designing, web building and software development. We are here to take all the worries and stress out of planning your wedding or event and make it a smooth and enjoyable time for you. We aren't some massive production company that is expecting to have its name across the globe, but instead we focus on quality over quantity only taking a limited number of weddings and special events throughout the year. We dedicate our time perfectly to make sure you are getting a genuine piece of work.

Locations We Serve

We are very please to say we serve the beautiful Southern California. We are located in the heart of Orange County. We are also willing to travel worldwide if you have a destination wedding or event you are hoping we can be apart of. Whether it's a one day or multiple day event just feel free to ask!

Turn Around Time

For a wedding, specialty event or birthday typically our turn around time is 8-12 weeks, from the time we gather all photos or footage. Sometimes even sooner. This time we ask for is because the person that shot or filmed your event will be the same person that does the editing for your event as well. Here at Pixel Perfect Visuals we are all about quality and the experience as well. Allowing the opportunity for the person that was physically at your event to be the one that edits it as well makes it a much better experience. They know the event, they have a feel for the couple if it's a wedding, they feel the atmosphere and they were there to actually experience it, so when its time to start the editing process you can rest assure knowing that it will be personally edited by the person that experienced your event. We are not a turn and burn type of business that is just trying to finish as many projects as fast as possible. Your photos or film, will be specially crafted to what we as the artists believe you will like from what we gathered by being the ones at your event. As well, there is a much quicker turn around time when it comes to our family shoots and graduate shoots!



Meet our story makers

  • Alisha Alisha Co Owner/ Head Photographer
  • Tyler Tyler Co Owner/ Head Cinematographer